Diabetes management for the 21st century
Next-gen logbook, suggestions platform, and collaborative care tool. Welcome to the future!

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Simply beautiful
Say goodbye to ugly graphs and ugly apps. Distillr is built with simplicity and beauty in mind, allowing you to seamlessly manage your diabetes wherever you go. iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or any modern browser - you'll find the same great experience everywhere.
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Unparalleled insights
Gone are the days of trial-and-error. Distillr presents your data in an easily digestible format, which, coupled with the latest techniques in big data visualisation, empowers you to gain unparalleled insights into how you can better manage your blood sugar.
Distilled to a science
Comprehensive user and A/B testing are allowing us to bring you the absolute best experience possible. Our 2-click logging enables you to quickly get on with your day, and will soon be complemented by automatic syncing with your blood glucose meter.
Incredibly powerful
With Distillr, diabetics come first; we're building a personal assistant powered by machine learning that will tailor goals, reminders, and suggestions to your particular situation. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let your data do the talking.
Connected at its core
We're working on extensive third-party integrations with your favourite glucose meters and fitness trackers, making logging even easier and ensuring that you always be in sync. Have a device in mind? Let us know!
Collaborative by nature
No more spreadsheets. Distillr provides simple, intuitive reports to bring along to your next appointment, and makes it easy to get feedback from your physician and family members directly from within the app. A second opinion is never more than a click away.
Ever vigilant
Monitor your loved ones' blood sugar from afar with our built-in real-time remote monitoring. Connect Distillr to your continuous glucose monitoring device to also receive a wakeup alarm at night when your blood sugar gets too low.
A new level of social
Sometimes an extra push is all you need. Stay motivated by progressively unlocking badges related to proper diabetes management. Compete against your friends to see who can best manage their blood sugar.
And guess what? It's absolutely free for diabetics

Diabetes isn't your fault. Why should you have to pay for it?

Distillr is built for diabetics, by diabetics, and our mission is simple: empower patients around the world to tame the disease once and for all.

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